Our services

Electronics design

We have designed and manufactured several well-functioning electronic systems for the needs of different industries, for example thermal transfer printers, various data loggers, a warning system for construction site and other demanding and interesting projects since 2008.


Design phases:

-preliminary evaluation

-specification based on customer needs

design of schematics and selecting components

printed circuit board (PCB) design

-PCB manufacturing and component assembly

-PCB testing and verification

-approval testing related to needed standards



Mechanics design

We have long experience in modeling and machining different kind of parts and a wide network of professional subcontractors for manufacturing parts and assemblies. The most commonly used materials are aluminum, steel and polyacetal.

Design phases:

-preliminary evaluation

-specification based on customer needs

-3D modeling (Solidworks) considering product manufacturability (DFM)

-quick model 3D printing or machining at our subcontractor based on needed material

Prototype manufacturing

We have manufactured and tested several we--functioning prototypes for various interesting projects for the needs of various industries. We have long experience in the different stages of planning required by the entire project and their seamless coordination.


Phases of prototype manufacturing:

-preliminary evaluation

-specification based on customer needs

-electronics, mechanics and embedded software design

-part manufacturing

-assembly and testing




3D printing

We have Raise3D Pro 2 printer which we have used to manufacture different kind of 3D prints, such as quick models, cases, cog wheels and prototype parts. The maximum size of the piece to be printed is 280 x 305 x 300 mm (width x depth x height).

Most commonly used filament materials are PLA, PETG and ABS. Different color options are available.

We manufacture 3D prints based on the 3D file of the customer or we can model them according to the customers specification using Solidworks.


-quick models


-small series

-functional parts


Embedded software

-programming using C

-Atmel (Microchip) and PIC microcontrollers (8-, 16- and 32-bit) and peripheral components:

        -stepper motor controllers

        -different kind of sensors, for example accelerometers



        -memory circuits

        -Analog to digital converters (ADC)

        -real time clocks (RTC)

-bus logics (RS-232, I2C, SPI, CAN etc.)

-interrupts, timings

-FPGA programming with VHDL (e.g. Altera Cyclone III..V)





Manufacturing of parts, assembly and serial production

Assembly and production of small and large series is possible through our extensive subcontractor network.

The product can be manufactured either completely from start to finish or only a smaller partial assembly of the product.


-production of parts (machining, coating, painting)

-assembly and testing

-component sourcing

-maintenance and service